Get access to attractive loyalty benefits. Become part of a strong partner program.

Expect a partnership with Better Feet where the focus is on investing in each other. All foot clinics are connected to an individual loyalty program with attractive customer benefits.  

Easy for you
Create a quick overview and manage your bonus points here at, where you can easily exchange your points for products that match your personal preferences.  

Exchange your bonus points for gifts based on your needs

All your purchases at Better Feet creates bonus points for you. A wide selection of bonus products, makes it easy for you to choose exactly what suits your taste.

Assortments of bonus gifts will vary continuously and include products in a number of different point classes. Everything from wine and sweets, to coffee beans and exclusive espresso machines.

Your loyalty is recognized with benefits and discounts

At Better Feet, we offer you a partnership. As a loyal customer, you are rewarded with extra benefits and discounts. It's simple. The more you shop for, the more benefits you get.

The loyalty program is divided into five benefit steps, which are based on your purchases over the past 12 months, and which create different loyalty benefits for you. There is no subscription or hidden fees. It's free for all Better Feet customers.