The goal is better feet

Everyone deserves healthy and well-groomed feet. A solid foundation for a healthy and balanced everyday life. The feeling of well-being and the freedom to go out into life as you dream of it.

This is the experience you as a podiatrist want to offer your patients every time, they sit in the chair at your foot clinic. Your focus from Monday to Friday. Better Feet is created based on a passion to serve you that helps people get better feet. With the desire to provide competent advice and all the necessary tools to deliver the best quality every day.


A present team listens to you and takes care of all challenges. With respect to the fact that even small details can be a big step forward and with the awareness that the craftsmanship and care of the patient requires the best starting point.



Total delivery with a large selection

Buy everything you need for your clinic from a supplier. Choose between the latest and greatest products.

Competent advice

Get fast support and competent sparring. Always with a focus on your needs.


Flexible delivery on time

Get your goods delivered when you need them and minimize your stock.

Use the energy for your foot patients. We take care of what you need at your clinic.

The ambition is to make it easy for you. Personal guidance gives you peace of mind that you always choose the right and best for those who visit your clinic. Delivered when it suits you best and always on time. Expect a partnership, where you will be invited into a family of like-minded foot geeks. Where it's about sparring with each other and raising their skills. All so that you can ultimately deliver a better treatment to your next patient.


Since the start of 2002, the goal has always been the same. Better Feet strives to help you give your patients better feet and to create a healthier business for you. One step closer every day.

Get access to attractive loyalty benefits

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Offer your customers exclusive sales products

As a customer of Better Feet, you get access to an attractive range of sales products that can help increase revenue for your foot clinic.